Meet OUR Team

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Joe Silberzweig & Adam Richman


Medium Rare is management and event production company with a unique understanding of “What’s Next” in live entertainment. We created Shaq’s personal festival series - Shaq’s Fun House, and manage Shaquille O'Neal, Carnage, and Codeko. With a focus at the intersection of sports & music, Medium Rare specializes in connecting brands to iconic artists, athletes, and live event properties. Partners Medium Rare currently work with include JBL, American Express, Papa John’s, T-Mobile, Reebok, Anheuser Busch, Bacardi, LYFT, Fan Duel, MillerCoors, and many more. Joe Silberzweig and Adam Richman first met at SFX Entertainment where the duo launched TomorrowWorld and grew the festival to over 150,000 fans from 100+ countries. After working with global festivals across Live Nation, Tomorrowland, and LiveStyle, Joe and Adam launched Medium Rare in 2018.


Shelly Finkel

Board Advisor


Paul Reed

VP of Marketing

Logan Bohbot

Marketing Manager

Kiri Gragg

Operations Director

Hunter Janoff

Hospitality Director

Jeff Gandel

Legal Counsel


Valentin Lazar

Media & Content Manager